The Estate

Renovation and extension of the wine cellar

After several months of work, the renovation and extension of the wine cellar was completed at the beginning of 2010.


440 m² were added on to the existing wine cellar, this extra space is used as follows:


  • A 220 m² underground cellar for stocking barrels used for aging the wines.
  • On the ground floor, in the entrance area, there is a space for wine tasting and an office.
  • There is also an air-conditioned part for stocking wine bottles plus an area for preparing all the orders.


It has always been a family affair. I took over the estate from my father, then in 1991 I bought some more vineyards.


Two years later, I invested in an abandoned hillside so as to plant some Saint Joseph vines.

Today, the estate covers 5 hectares of Condrieu, 4 hectares of red Saint Joseph, 2 hectares of white Saint Joseph, 3.9 hectares of Côte-Rôtie, 0.5 hectares of Cornas, 1 hectare of white Vin de Pays Collines Rhodaniennes and 0.5 hectares of red Vin de Pays in Seyssuel.