Saint - Joseph

Monks’s wine

The Saint-Joseph appellation covers 1,200 hectares and is situated on the right bank of the River Rhône. The soils are homogeneous, mainly granite rock and they are rarely calcareous. The hillsides are steep and the vineyards are planted on terraces. The red wines are made entirely with the Syrah grape variety. The white wines (20%) are made with Marsanne and Roussane grape varieties.



AOP Saint-Joseph WHITE

Surface of production  : 2 hectares

Soil : granite type soil, from the middle to the top of the hillside  

Grape variety  : 95% Marsanne and 5% Roussanne

Plantation density : 7,000 vine-stocks per hectares

Yield : 40 hl / ha

Harvest : hand-picked 

Barrel aging : 10 months in maximum three-year old barrels



AOP Saint-Joseph RED

Surface of production : 4 hectares 

Soil : granite type soil, about 75% in the middle of the hillside and 25% at the top of the hillside

Grape variety : Syrah

Plantation density : 6,500 to 10,000 vine-stocks per hectares

Age of vines:35 years old

Yield : 37 hl / ha

Harvest : hand-picked

Barrel Aging : 1 year in new barrels or in barrels up to four years old